Playing catch up

Whoa kids, it’s been a few weeks! The end of the school year happened, I started going back to barre3, and I ate a quesarito. Yeah, that quesarito wasn’t such a great idea, but I wanted to try gluten since my doctor put me on a new probiotic. To my dismay it did not go over well and I ended up with an unhappy tummy all day yesterday. So I’m sticking with this gluten free thing. My goal for next week is to buy all the fancy flours and put together my own GF flour blend. I’m hoping this will get me baking again. I miss making cupcakes and sharing them with people. I need that part of my life back!

For the past few weeks I’ve really been trying to figure out what my next steps are. I’m approaching my 29th birthday in 3 months and while I’m happy to be living in Portland with Nate I feel like there are certain aspects of my life that I’m not so happy with. So I’m starting with small things like maintaining a work out routine. This week I started going to barre3 again. My plan is to go at least 4 times a week and especially going on days I feel down. There’s nothing like working on yourself for 60 minutes to really make you feel like you’ve accomplished something.

I’m also trying to figure out what the next step in my career should be. I’ve worked in education for over 8 years now, and while I do enjoy it, I feel like something is missing. It might be the lack of baking in my life, it might be just wanting to be more creative. So I’m keeping my eyes open for new and exciting opportunities. I’m also hoping to put in some more work on my etsy shop this summer. I’d like to sign up for a street fair or two in Portland since they have about 20 different ones throughout the summer.

So I apologize for my absence these past few weeks. Sometimes you just have to step back and get your head on straight. But I’m ready to conquer this summer and make the most of the beautiful weather we’ve been having lately. I’m ready for a few rain free months, tubing down the Sandy River, day drinking on patios, and riding my bike all over Portland.

Next week we will return to this blogs regularly scheduled program of recipes, books, and Portland. Enjoy your weekend lovelies!



2 years down

Happy Anniversary to my wonderful, patient, kind, funny, and well-dressed husband, Nate. It’s been a hell of a journey but I would want to spend my life with anyone else.

252302_10151391326777271_2057572267_nTonight we’re having dinner at Doug Fir. We’ve never been there before but I’m pretty excited to try some fancy cocktails and enjoy a nice steak dinner. It will be nice to reflect on the past 2 years of marriage and hopefully make some exciting goals for the future.

Our wedding day was perfect and the adventures we’ve had since then are just the cherry on top. I feel very lucky to have married my best friend. Here’s to a million more years of awesome!


Weekend sneak peak

We added a new little (big) guy to our Funko POP! family.

After owning the game for months I’m finally reliving my childhood and playing Crono Trigger. I also have it for my SNES if you feel like being impressed with my geekiness.

First step in making some star headbands for the shop. I hope to have these up next week.

What fun stuff are you getting up to this weekend?

2013… what a year

2013 was a hell of a year. I think I grew up more this year than any other. And even though these past few months have been tough I’m trying to be hopeful about 2014.


This year Nate & I grew closer than ever. I learned what changes I needed to make to become a better wife. We also figured out how we could become a better team. I only see good things happening for us in 2014. More traveling, rediscovering Portland, and hopefully expanding our family… we both really want a puppy!

Brooklyn +ice cream

I recently put on my creative pants and couldn’t be happier to be crafting again. Nate got me a sewing machine for Christmas and yesterday I sewed an awesome skirt with this great Star Trek fabric I found at Jo-Ann Fabric’s. I’m also launching my etsy shop tomorrow! I’ll be selling some fun hair clips to start and hopefully expanding into some more awesome accessories in the coming months. I hope you stop by and check it out.

Photo Jun 30, 6 47 28 PM

2014 has the potential to be a really great year, and here are just a few things I want to accomplish:

  • I hope that I can rekindle some of my strained friendships, especially with my long distance friends.
  • I want to see more of this country. Another trip to New York is definitely needed and visiting my parents in Arizona & my brother in San Francisco is a must.
  • Pay off as much debt as possible. Also, save as much as possible. Eliminating money stress in general.
  • Read 100 more books! I read around 140 books & comic books this year and I’d like to read 100 more next year. I’m also going to try and read some lengthy books. The Lord of the Rings series & The Infinite Jest are just two on my list.
  • Sell my crafts in at least one local craft fair. Portland has so many street & craft fairs throughout the year and I think this town is quirky enough for my glittery hair clips.
  • Make more clothes.
  • Find an exercise routine. I love doing barre3 but the cost doesn’t fit into our budget at the moment. I’m thinking of signing up for their online classes instead. Jogging is also an option. I learned this past year that regular exercise really helps with my stress and I think getting back to a routine will help me greatly.

Pendleton cape

The start of a new year is always exciting. I’m happy to take today and reflect on the past year but I am more than looking forward to 2014. I hope you get to spend the last day of 2013 enjoying time with the people you love. Be safe and have a Happy New Year!



Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving

I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family, friends, or internet friends! I’m so thankful that you have taken the time to read my blog, use a recipe I’ve posted, or left a comment. You make me feel so very special and warm my insides.

Now go stuff yourself with too much pie or gluten-free pumpkin bars!