Friday, I’m in love!

Here’s a small recap of my week.


We started the week off at Saraveza getting our tickets for the Pliny the Younger release.


And the next day we tasted that hoppy goodness.


Everyday on my way to work I walk by this awesome Poetry Post in someone’s yard. They change the poem every few days. This is such a Portland thing and I love it!


Despite how cold and rainy it’s been these past few days, it’s definitely spring. All the trees and plants are blooming. It just get more and more beautiful every day.


Today is the start of my 9 day staycation. One of the many reasons I love working for a school is that I get to enjoy all the school holidays & vacations. My staycation is going to consist of reading, watching True Blood, painting my nails, and making some pretty things to hang on our walls. I want to relax, hang out with friends, and overall recharge from these past few months.

What’s your favorite way to relax and unwind?

Hope you all have a great weekend!

Make changes. Be brave. Do something you love.

I feel really lucky to love my job so much, but how could you not when your job is running the office of a preschool. Even though some days have a few tears (usually the kids, not me), mostly I hear laughter, songs, and kids saying some pretty funny stuff.

I have a few kids that like to come and visit me every day, and I can honestly say that it makes me happy and confused at the same time. I don’t see how I could be so fascinating to anyone, especially a 4-year-old, but apparently some people think I’m super cool. (My co-workers like to tease me that I’m some kids first crush… I think he just likes shredding scraps of paper and telling me about submarines.)

Even though I’ve worked in education for 7+ years this is my first time working with little kids. (Back in California I worked at an Adult Ed School & High School.) I don’t always know what to say, but they’re pretty good at holding up a conversation. And I feel pretty special when they draw me pictures or just want to come say ‘hi’ to me before class.

My job isn’t all hanging out with kids and talking about submarines. I run the office, help out the teachers, organize our annual auction, and really deal with all the day-to-day aspects that keep our school moving. I love the responsibility¬†and working with the families.

I haven’t always had the best luck with jobs, so I feel really blessed to have found one that makes me so happy. And it just validates even more that we made the right move to Portland! It was scary to leave 2 stable jobs, our family, and our friends all back in California, but Nate & I are so happy here that I don’t know where we’d be if we hadn’t taken the plunge.

So this post isn’t supposed to be all about me bragging about how much I love my job. My hope is that if you’re working a job that you don’t love, or live somewhere that doesn’t make you happy, that you’ll be brave enough to make a change. Changes are scary, but they can totally pay off in the end! Trust me!

Do you have plans to make any big changes this year?

Neighborhood Watch – Hollywood District

Weekends usually mean relaxing, catching up on reading & tv shows, and hopefully a fun adventure. Since we both work pretty normal office hours during the week, we try to limit our big outings to Saturdays & Sundays.

This weekend Nathaniel & I decided to spend Sunday morning in the Hollywood District of PDX. We started with a few games at¬†Hollywood Bowl. I haven’t been bowling in years and I forgot how much fun it could be.


Sunday mornings games are only $0.99! So you won’t feel guilty spending those bucks you saved on a pitcher of beer to help keep you refreshed.

The Hollywood District is full of great things to do after a morning of bowling. You could see a movie at the wonderful & historic Hollywood Theater. Or go shopping for some rare goodies at I Heart Retro (I’ve scored many trinkets at that fantastic store). Popina just moved into the neighborhood, and with spring upon us I know I’ll be stopping by soon to pick up a new swimsuit.

Finally, one of my favorite places in Hollywood is Velo Cult, a bike shop that could also double as your neighborhood bar. Velo Cult has a fantastic beer selection, friendly staff, and you can get your bike tuned up while you enjoy a cold brew with some friends!

If you find yourself in NE Portland with nothing to do, be sure to take a cruise around the Hollywood District. You’ll find plenty of awesome things to do while supporting some great small business.

What fun things did you get up to this weekend?

The beginning…


Hello, and welcome to Bacon and Glitter. My name is Candice and I’m a 27-year-old baker, crafter, book lover, and dance party enthusiast.


I have a wonderful husband.


And some pretty fantastic friends.


I enjoy baking delicious things for people, and have been fortunate enough to work at some great bakeries and restaurants over the years. Now I mostly bake from home for friends and family, and I don’t mind that one bit.



The husband and I moved 9 months ago from sunny Southern California to beautiful Portland, OR. We left a lot of stuff behind, but we feel so lucky to now call Portland home.

I decided to start this blog so I can document our adventures in this great city. So check back often for restaurant reviews, current craft projects, recipes, and mostly just things from my daily life.

Enjoy yourself.