2013… what a year

2013 was a hell of a year. I think I grew up more this year than any other. And even though these past few months have been tough I’m trying to be hopeful about 2014.


This year Nate & I grew closer than ever. I learned what changes I needed to make to become a better wife. We also figured out how we could become a better team. I only see good things happening for us in 2014. More traveling, rediscovering Portland, and hopefully expanding our family… we both really want a puppy!

Brooklyn +ice cream

I recently put on my creative pants and couldn’t be happier to be crafting again. Nate got me a sewing machine for Christmas and yesterday I sewed an awesome skirt with this great Star Trek fabric I found at Jo-Ann Fabric’s. I’m also launching my etsy shop tomorrow! I’ll be selling some fun hair clips to start and hopefully expanding into some more awesome accessories in the coming months. I hope you stop by and check it out.

Photo Jun 30, 6 47 28 PM

2014 has the potential to be a really great year, and here are just a few things I want to accomplish:

  • I hope that I can rekindle some of my strained friendships, especially with my long distance friends.
  • I want to see more of this country. Another trip to New York is definitely needed and visiting my parents in Arizona & my brother in San Francisco is a must.
  • Pay off as much debt as possible. Also, save as much as possible. Eliminating money stress in general.
  • Read 100 more books! I read around 140 books & comic books this year and I’d like to read 100 more next year. I’m also going to try and read some lengthy books. The Lord of the Rings series & The Infinite Jest are just two on my list.
  • Sell my crafts in at least one local craft fair. Portland has so many street & craft fairs throughout the year and I think this town is quirky enough for my glittery hair clips.
  • Make more clothes.
  • Find an exercise routine. I love doing barre3 but the cost doesn’t fit into our budget at the moment. I’m thinking of signing up for their online classes instead. Jogging is also an option. I learned this past year that regular exercise really helps with my stress and I think getting back to a routine will help me greatly.

Pendleton cape

The start of a new year is always exciting. I’m happy to take today and reflect on the past year but I am more than looking forward to 2014. I hope you get to spend the last day of 2013 enjoying time with the people you love. Be safe and have a Happy New Year!