How to procrastinate like a CHAMP!


I like to think of myself as a pretty organized person. I work as an Office Administrator 40 hours a week at a fairly large preschool. That’s a lot of information to keep track of! After work and weekends are usually full of errands & activities: grocery shopping, cooking, cleaning, happy hours, barre classes, and brunch. So sometimes I find it extremely satisfying to just sit on the couch and do as little as possible.

For busy people this can be especially difficult. There’s always something to do or somewhere to be, but slowing down for a bit to just rest and relax can really give you a boost that maybe you didn’t realize you needed.

I try to give myself a night off at least once a week from all responsibilities. It’s usually a night where Nate’s at one of his Ultimate games or out with friends so I have the apartment all to myself. I find it easier to procrastinate when I’m alone because I feel like I’m not wasting time, but rather giving myself some self-care. (Oh yes, procrastination sounds a lot nicer when you think of it as taking a mental health night.)

So if you’re looking to take an evening off here are some of my favorite ways to procrastinate:

  • Binge watch a tv show. This is especially satisfying if it’s a series you’ve watched before. My favorite is watching old episodes of Sex and the City while browsing ModCloth.
  • Eat leftovers. Don’t you dare cook anything that takes longer than 5 minutes to prepare. This could also be a good time to treat yourself to some take out.
  • Have a dance party! Dancing is therapy. We don’t believe in the term “guilty pleasure” in our home; if you want to listen to the Spice Girls you better blast that shit. No need to feel guilty or embarrassed by it. So put on your favorite record and shake that booty. I also encourage including pets in your dance party. Dogs are especially good dancers.
  • Catch up on your magazines. I love Vogue but I rarely give myself the time to actually read the articles. This is the perfect time to read all about Kim & Kanye!
  • Update that wish list. I’m sure your birthday is coming up (mine’s less than 5 months away!) and you probably haven’t looked at your wish list since Christmas. Time to browse the endless Funko Pop figures, Harry Potter Lego sets, and Kindle books on Amazon so your friends and family will know just what to get you.
  • Beat your high score. We have almost too many gaming systems which I never seem to have enough time to play. So nothing can beat a night in shaking trees on Animal Crossing, going on an adventure in Chrono Trigger, or just trying to beat your high score in Threes.
  • Sleep. There’s no shame in taking a nap in your late 20’s. If you’re not much of a napper you can always just get yourself to bed early and catch a few extra hours of zzz’s.

So what are you waiting for? Put on those comfy pants, kick your feet up, and procrastinate away!

Photo credit to Death to the Stock Photo