Friday, I’m in love!

Here’s a small recap of my week.


We started the week off at Saraveza getting our tickets for the Pliny the Younger release.


And the next day we tasted that hoppy goodness.


Everyday on my way to work I walk by this awesome Poetry Post in someone’s yard. They change the poem every few days. This is such a Portland thing and I love it!


Despite how cold and rainy it’s been these past few days, it’s definitely spring. All the trees and plants are blooming. It just get more and more beautiful every day.


Today is the start of my 9 day staycation. One of the many reasons I love working for a school is that I get to enjoy all the school holidays & vacations. My staycation is going to consist of reading, watching True Blood, painting my nails, and making some pretty things to hang on our walls. I want to relax, hang out with friends, and overall recharge from these past few months.

What’s your favorite way to relax and unwind?

Hope you all have a great weekend!