Dear… LCD Soundsystem,

Tonight I’ve listened to “Home” about 10 times. Tonight is like many nights where I throw on my headphones and submerge myself into this amazing song. This is the last song of your last album. This song makes me think about home and how sometimes it’s a place that’s safe and comforting but sometimes it can be the last place you want to be.

Back in 2010 when I saw you guys play at the Hollywood Bowl I didn’t think it would be my last opportunity to see you. I remember vividly dancing out of the concert to this song. Hundreds of us just poured into the aisles, letting the music roll over us. I felt high. I felt alive. We all did.

Years later I’m in a very different place but this song still takes me back to that moment.

Thank you for giving me that moment in time. I didn’t realize it would be the last opportunity to see you. No one except you knew that you’d be disbanding soon. I swear I would have spent money on better seats if I had known! But it was still an amazing experience. One I’ll tell my phantom children about someday.

Home is a very interesting concept. It doesn’t always mean four walls and solid ground beneath your feet. Sometimes it means being around the people you love. Sometimes it’s about listening to an album that makes you feel alive and grounded. And sometimes it’s just holding someones hand after a long and hard day.

Yeah no one ever knows what you’re talking about
So i guess you’re already there
No one opens up when you scream and shout
But it’s time to make a couple things clear

If you’re afraid of what you need
If you’re afraid of what you need
Look around you, you’re surrounded
It won’t get any better

Thanks for helping me feel like I’m home whenever I listen to you.

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