What I’m Reading Wednesday – 100+ Books!

At the end of 2012 I set what seemed like a hefty goal for this year: read 100 books in 2013. I seriously thought I was crazy but figured what the hey, might as well give it a try. The point was to just read as much as possible since for years I had been so caught up in school, work, & friends and barely could finish a book in a whole year. I never thought that half way through November I would be announcing that I’ve not only reached my goal, but surpassed it! Holy smokes, Batman!


This has really been a great year in reading. My girlfriends and I started a book club back in March and it’s now almost doubled in size. Through book club I’ve been introduced to some great new (to me) authors and genres that I may have missed out on reading otherwise. Thanks to Nate I’ve finally been introduced to the world of comic books. I have fallen head over heels in love with some great stories. Thank goodness for trade paperbacks! It makes it so much easier to catch up on series that have been established for years.


I’m so surprised I haven’t worn my library card down to nothing this year. I try to check out everything I can from the library just because our apartment is so small and finding room for new books is so difficult. When I do purchase books it’s usually for my Kindle (which I love love love) but it’s still not quite the same as holding a real book in your hands. One day when we finally settle down in a house I’m sure we’ll work hard to build a real library full of books.


I decided to put together a short list of my favorite books that I’ve read this past year, so if you’re looking for something new to read check these out:

And for my complete list click here. I’ll continue to update it until the end of the year. Then I’ll have to think of a new reading goal for 2014!

How many books have you read this year?



What I’m Reading Wednesdays – Divergent & Her: A Memoir

I’m doing double duty this week and trying to finish not only my current book club pick, but also another book I have coming due at the library. I’ve never set deadlines for myself when reading, and now that I get most of my books from the library it’s kind of nice to have a set time to read a book. This is probably why I’ve been successful in my reading challenge this year.

Divergent_hqOctober was my turn to pick a book for our book club and I was so excited to choose Divergent by Veronica Roth. My friend Christa recommended this book to me after i read the Hunger Games back in early 2012 and I was blown away by how good it was. If you are a fan of YA and girls that just kick ass, then you may want to run and pick this one up.

Yes, it’s also being made into a movie starring Shailene Woodley! I’m pretty excited about this. I’m all about movie adaptations, even if I do nit-pick certain things. For the most part I love them as a piece of the stories world and fandom.

Most people in the book club has been responding really well to Divergent, which is such a relief. It’s always a bit scary to recommend a book that you love because there’s the chance someone else will hate it.

Veronica Roth has two other books in this series, Insurgent & Allegiant (coming out 10/22/13), so right now is the perfect time to start reading them!

The other book I just started reading is Her: A Memoir by Christa Pavaratti. My friend had been talking about it for awhile on facebook and I immediately added it to my library list.


Her: A Memoir is the story of Christa Pavaratti and her twin sister Cara who died of a drug overdose. Christa is trying to figure out her place in this world without her other half and soon falls into the patterns of her sister, hoping that if she becomes more like Cara, she won’t feel her loss.

I’ve only started reading memoirs in the last year and I have a feeling that this one won’t disappoint. It’s always a really interesting thing to step into someone else’s non-fiction world. You can only hope that there will be some kind of happy ending.

What’s your favorite type of story to read? Non-Fiction or Fiction?