What I’m Reading Wednesday – Girls In White Dresses

Have you ever started reading a book and just knew you needed to tell everyone about it?

I started reading Girls In White Dresses by Jennifer Close last week and even though I’m only half way done I can’t help but rave about this book.

girlsinwhitedressesI especially like the type of story telling in this book. Rather than it being from only one person’s perspective, or only covering¬†one event, it tells the story of several people in the group of friends throughout their 20’s. You get to see these girls grow up. They experience love, heartache, broken friendships, and hungover mornings. It feels like reading a really funny and sometimes embarrassing diary.¬†The girls are all so easy to relate to and it’s really easy to picture yourself in their situations.

These are the times that I get really frustrated that books are not real life because I want to be a part of their circle of friends. Even through their rough patches they still love each other. They reluctantly put on big smiles and pastel dresses and attend yet another wedding. They go pick up Bloody Mary ingredients and come over after a bad night. And they accompany you to the emergency room after you slice your finger off. They’re friends to the end. Like 4ever.

Now that I’m an old married lady I especially love reading books about single ladies because it reminds me of what a crazy and wonderful time that is in a young woman’s life. It’s tough to be single. I cried a lot. But I also met some of my best girl friends when I was single. We went through some real shit together and it’s made us stronger because of it.

GIrls In White Dresses is definitely a book I believe any gal in her 20-30’s could relate to. You’ll laugh, cry, and cringe all the way through, and I think you’ll enjoy every minute of it. I just hope the second half is as good as the first half has been.