Friday, I’m in love: 5.16.14


Friday, at last! It’s been a pretty wonderful week around these parts. Last night I went to happy hour with Nate’s co-workers and it was a blast. I even ended up leaving the bar with a bushel of rosemary that another patron was passing around to everyone. Only in Portland! So I’m now trying to come up with some yummy was to use it up. I’m sure I’ll have some recipes to share here soon.

So the internet has been very generous to us this week. Here are a few of my favorites:


Grantland is one of my favorite sports & pop culture websites, and every week they have a feature called Mad Men Power Rankings where they list the top 10 characters in that weeks episode. It’s witty and gives a nice wrap up of the episode. If you’re looking for a good read Monday mornings definitely check it out.

Seth Meyers has introduced a new segment called Second Chance Theatre. He gives former SNL cast members a chance to perform a sketch that never made it on the show. The first sketch Jennjamin Franklin was created in Will Forte’s crazy mind and it had me laughing & cringing at the same time.


Marvel is killing it with the TV shows. I’m a HUGE fan of Agents of Shield and now this fall they’ll be introducing Marvel’s Agent Carter. Check out the shows official synopsis on The Nerdist and try to act like you’re not as excited as I am.


Tomorrow is going to be all about practicing my ukulele, reading through the stack of graphic novels I have from the library, and hopefully catching up on the even larger stack of comic books sitting in the middle of my living room.

I’m also really looking forward to Sunday because my book club is finally meeting to discuss Mr. Penumbra’s 24-hour Bookstore. You can read my review here and I hope it inspires you to check it out.

Do you have any fun plans for this weekend?


2 thoughts on “Friday, I’m in love: 5.16.14

  1. I’m currently reading my way through lots of blogs while I am the only one in the house – I got told off by my foster son for finishing a blog post and attempting to start a penpal letter yesterday when it was sort of undeclared family time – we started watching a survival program where a group of 13 guys get dumped on a desert island and have to find clean drinking water before their stock runs out and find food. They weren’t the brightest sparks and my husband was beginning to get frustrated which was kind of funny. We started watching Agents of Shield a while back but then they paused part way through the season and didn’t really advertise it when they were going to restart (or at least we missed all the adverts!). Agent Carter sounds good though – might see if we have the right channels to get it when it arrives here in the UK. Plans wise for the rest of the weekend I have church tomorrow and possibly be out for lunch too – might get to see my goddaughter again (she’ll be 9 days old tomorrow!) and see if she’s awake long enough – she’s been sleeping nearly every time I’ve seen her so far!

    • I hope you get a chance to finish up Agents of Shield. The second half of the season was even better than the first. And it sounds like you have a fantastic weekend planned. Enjoy the time with your goddaughter. 🙂

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