Friday, I’m in love: 5.2.14

And so we come to the end of another week. I’m so ready to sleep in tomorrow and hit up Free Comic Book Day. Then Sunday I get to spend all day with Nate and my brother. Needless to say it should be a pretty great weekend. Now on to some of my favorite internet finds this week:

Me too Jo. Me too.


I’ve been really interested in crystals and their healing powers for a while now. Gala Darling has a great post this week that’s like a little crash course into crystals. After reading I definitely feel more confident about what to look for and what kind of crystals I want to pick up.


Nate and I are going to see Jay & Bey this summer in Seattle! I’m so beyond excited. We’re hoping to stay in this awesome Airbnb loft in the Old Rainier Brewery while we’re there. What a cool space!

Del Toro Donald Duck

These Donald Duck sneakers from Del Toro are amazing. Since they’re a bit out of my price range I might have to come up with a DIY version.

I’m so excited for Girl Meets World. I grew up watching Boy Meets World (actually I was just watching re-runs on ABC Family yesterday) and I think it really was one of the best family shows growing up in the 90’s. I hope GMW does just as well.

Don’t forget that it’s FREE COMIC BOOK DAY tomorrow! And if LeVar Burton says you should go, you should definitely go. Find a participating comic book store near you.

the zablans

I’m ready to spend some quality time with the hubs on Sunday. His work hosted a fun party last night and it was awesome to hang out with all his new friends and drink lots of fancy cocktails. Also getting dressed up on a Thursday night is never a bad thing. It just might hurt a little on Friday morning.

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend!


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