What I’m reading Wednesday – The Unwritten

There’s something magical about comics. You get to experience the fantasy world of a book not only though the language but with some amazing art work.

Vertigo is an imprint of DC Comics and has been putting out cutting edge comics since 1993. I’m new to the scene but so far everything I’ve read from Vertigo I’ve loved. Trillium and Astro City are two of my favorites and thanks to them I discovered my newest obsession… The Unwritten. I’m in the process of reading the first 7 trade paperbacks so I can catch up with the current issues that are coming out.

unwritten-coverThe Unwritten follows the story of Tom Taylor, whose father has written a series of fantasy novels (similar to Harry Potter) inspired by Tom and then suddenly disappears, leaving his son confused and hurt. Years later the line between the Tommy Taylor books and Tom’s real life begin to blur. Now Tom is sent on an adventure to find out who he really is, why people are trying to frame him for murder, and where his father’s been all this time.

There’s magic, mystery, adventure, and even a villain that can turn things to fiction just with his touch. The art & story combination of Mike Carey & Peter Gross is pretty amazing. You are fully transported into this world where things are not quite what they seem and you could find yourself literally falling into a piece of literature any second.

I love stories like this, fantasy is kind of my MO. The Unwritten gives me a chance to indulge in both my fantasy and comic book loves in one go. So if you’re a fan of Harry Potter and have been craving a good story to read I suggest picking up the first trade paperback from your library or local comic book store.




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