Updates to Make Something Monday – Beginning this gluten free adventure

I’m pretty sure I have loved bread ever since I was old enough to eat it. But the older I’ve gotten the less bread has loved me back. I’ve struggled with myself for the past few years about whether or not to give up gluten, thinking my issues weren’t as bad as I thought, or that it’s something I could live with. No one wants to be the person going out to eat that has to order something strange, ask a bunch of questions, or always having some kind of modified meal. I just want to order pretzels and pizza like the rest of you!


Great bread book if you’re not gluten free

In the past few months I’ve started to make some healthy changes to my lifestyle. I started working out quite a bit, drinking less, and tried to get more sleep at night. But it wasn’t enough and my gut was still feeling crummy so I decided to do something dramatic. I tried out a very extreme elimination diet that cut out gluten, diary, and most fiber for one week and the results were pretty amazing. After reintroducing the eliminated foods I realized gluten’s a no go for me, dairy is okay in small amounts, and fiber is good as long as I eat mostly soluble rather than insoluble. The body is an amazing instrument and the food we put into it can drastically change the way we feel on a day-to-day basis.

These past few weeks have been great and hard at the same time. We went on vacation to New York for a wedding and I struggled to find foods I could eat, but this was definitely a learning experience. Not every city is as GF friendly as Portland and I should have done a bit more research & prepared more snacks. Otherwise since I’ve been home from vacation I’m back on track and feeling good.


Gluten free & diary free chicken fried steak & gravy

So my plan with Make Something Monday is to feature some great recipes that will help others that are in a similar situation. The internet is full of gluten free recipes but I promise to only feature what has worked for me. I also hope to feature how to modify recipes into being dairy free but not vegan (because there are plenty of people out there that can’t eat dairy but can scarf down a pound of bacon no problem).

So please stop by on Monday to see what yummy things I’ve started cooking up in my GF kitchen!

You can also check out my Gluten Free board on Pinterest.




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