Make Something Monday – Vanilla Bourbon Doughtnuts

Doughtnuts were always a special treat while growing up. Moving days, Colorguard competitions, and if I was lucky maybe a late night Krispy Kreme run in high school.

But now I’m all grown up and I can have doughnuts whenever I like… and with whiskey too!


I do have a habit of adding booze to pastries, hence why I’ve called my pastry making business Lush Pastries. I’m in the process of relaunching my business up here in Portland, but I did fairly well in California making yummy and sometimes boozy treats for the good people of Orange County for 4-5 years.

A few months ago I picked up these doughnut pans from Amazon and they are fantastic. It you don’t feel like frying doughnuts, or just want an healthier alternative, these are a great option.

I decided for my first batch to make Vanilla Doughnuts with Bourbon Glaze. This recipe will get you 6 vanilla doughnuts. I followed the basic recipe for the glaze, but substituted the vanilla extract for Bulleit Bourbon. Feel free to pick your favorite bourbon or anything you have on hand, but I would suggest when making a glaze with alcohol avoid using cheap liquor just because you’ll be tasting the quality. Don’t skimp and buy bottom shelf. Plus, good bourbon or whiskey is always good to have on hand. (Old Fashion, anyone?)

This is a fantastic basic doughnut recipe and has room for you to experiment and make alterations. I know a few I’ll be trying… Rum & coconut doughnuts anyone? I might have to make those for book club next weekend.

When is your favorite time of day to eat doughnuts?




2 thoughts on “Make Something Monday – Vanilla Bourbon Doughtnuts

    • It’s a great recipe! And I’m very thankful that you shared it with the world. Bourbon ice cream sounds so good right now, I don’t care that it’s not even 10am yet. 😉

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