Neighborhood Watch – Hollywood District

Weekends usually mean relaxing, catching up on reading & tv shows, and hopefully a fun adventure. Since we both work pretty normal office hours during the week, we try to limit our big outings to Saturdays & Sundays.

This weekend Nathaniel & I decided to spend Sunday morning in the Hollywood District of PDX. We started with a few games at Hollywood Bowl. I haven’t been bowling in years and I forgot how much fun it could be.


Sunday mornings games are only $0.99! So you won’t feel guilty spending those bucks you saved on a pitcher of beer to help keep you refreshed.

The Hollywood District is full of great things to do after a morning of bowling. You could see a movie at the wonderful & historic Hollywood Theater. Or go shopping for some rare goodies at I Heart Retro (I’ve scored many trinkets at that fantastic store). Popina just moved into the neighborhood, and with spring upon us I know I’ll be stopping by soon to pick up a new swimsuit.

Finally, one of my favorite places in Hollywood is Velo Cult, a bike shop that could also double as your neighborhood bar. Velo Cult has a fantastic beer selection, friendly staff, and you can get your bike tuned up while you enjoy a cold brew with some friends!

If you find yourself in NE Portland with nothing to do, be sure to take a cruise around the Hollywood District. You’ll find plenty of awesome things to do while supporting some great small business.

What fun things did you get up to this weekend?


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